What you get

Choosing A Level

The descriptions below give an outline of the various levels of group classes we offer at MOVE.
The descriptions are a general guide, if you are unsure, please contact me for more information so I can recommend a class that is suitable for you.
Suitable for complete beginners, elderly and those at a non acute stage of recovery from injury. (To be advised by the instructor.)
Working through the fundamentals of The Garuda Method, you will become more aware of your bodies alignment and how you move around your joints, mainly the spine, pelvis, hips & shoulders.
You will learn to engage & challenge the postural muscles to create support and stability for the spine whilst improving the range of movement around the joints, and as a result, becoming stronger and more flexible.
You will learn ways to improve how you are moving on a daily basis, helping to reduce the risk of injuries as you become more aware of your own posture and the movement patterns within your own body.
You will start to feel more confident in your body bringing a sense of wellbeing.
Level 1
As your own body awareness, strength and flexibility improves, more challenges are introduced, and the pace of the class will start to increase.
You will find more challenges for your balance and coordination, moving through greater ranges and integrating movements.
Becoming more fluid and organised in your body. As your practice continues, and you begin to recognise the unlimited movement potential of your body, your confidence and focus will grow.
Mixed Ability
You will be slowly introduced to the more challenging intermediate movements, whilst, continuing to gain more experience with the foundation repertoire.
With plenty of explanations, demonstrations and modifications you will be encouraged to challenge yourself and explore new movement potential.
The classes will start to feel faster in pace as we gently challenge the cardiovascular system. Movements are linked creating endless combinations to challenge your strength and flexibility whilst finding control and precision as you move through each movement and transition.
Level 2
With a good understanding of the method there are fewer explanations and the class has a steady rhythm with sections of high intensity and moments of stillness.
Challenging your strength, balance, control & coordination at the same time working the cardiovascular system, demanding a higher level of focus, control & concentration.
A wider variety of breathing exercises are explored to improve the awareness and the importance of the breath, not just during the classes but in our day to day lives.
With a greater body awareness, you will be encouraged to push your boundaries, questioning as well as respecting them to encourage progression through mindfulness.
Put your mind back in touch with your body, and start experiencing what Garuda can do for you.