About us

What is Garuda?

Garuda is a test of mental and physical strength, asking for focus and concentration during the exercises inspiring a more intuitive way to exercise the body. The body responds extremely well, and results are seen quickly.

Garuda offers a strong core workout element, respecting the principles of the Pilates Method, has the flow and grace of yoga, and the cardiovascular element of dance.

Having 20+ years of teaching Pilates and other group exercise sessions, it was challenging to wrap my brain and teaching voice around the freedom Garuda offers, but I have never looked back.

The results? A stronger, leaner body, improved posture and ease of movement in everyday life.

Get Results With Garuda

Garuda strengthens and tones muscles, develops coordination, increases flexibility, improves structural fitness and promotes a meditative sense of calm. Garuda incorporates mat work sequences, barre and a versatile and multifunctional exercise apparatus, which offers an endless range of exercise options.

There are no long holds, and no strict rules of moving, we move into the spaces around us to create space in the body, respecting our boundaries and exploring new possibilities.

We are constantly working with length and strength out of the joints, alignment and precision of movement.

The Garuda Way

Paying special attention to the transitions getting a definite sense of mindfulness and awareness, Garuda works with energetic lines of the body.

“Body Mapping”, our movements are organic, moving from our centre out to our fingers and toes, and in turn our extremities provide feedback to our centre, we are deliberate in our movements, our expressions, and our execution of each exercise.